My solar testing has had to be slightly sidelined for a while.  No, not the weather or even the Christmas festivities….my back.

In the UK I was a Sports and Remedial Massage therapist so it has been doubly frustrating for me.  The cause of the initial problem still isn’t clear to me.  It was, I think a combination of messing about walking very quickly and laying on the beach in an awkward posture with the sand quite cold.

Anyhow, only a couple of hours after getting off the beach my left side lumbar started hurting and I quickly realised because of the severity of the pain and the sensitivity to stair climbing and walking on uneven surfaces that my QL (Quadratus Lumborum) was in spasm.  This can be very nasty and debilitating.







Unfortunately this wasn’t the end of it, normally a QL in spasm clears after 3 or 4 days and with no on-going issues.  My left side QL hiked my left hip and totally screwed the balance of my hip complex.  I then ended up with 3 weeks of SI Joint dysfunction (sacroillitis).  Initially bilaterally (both sides) but latterly the right side with referred pain in my buttocks (gluteus medius).










In retrospect I should have gone to a chiropractor after the initial QL spasm had subsided and I knew the SI joints were disturbed for an adjustment.  In Lincoln I would have known where to go but here in Spain I would have been quessing.  I think I could have taken a week and a half off my recovery time.









Now, a month from the start I still have a dull aching pain in my right side SI joint and have to alternate from walking to standing to sitting all the time.

Can’t wait to feel flexible and strong again, the lack of exercise and yoga has made me stiff and inflexible and I have minor pains in my knees and hips too.  If I was a horse I would have been shot 3 weeks ago.